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Hebei Xiongxiang Crane Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1980, always adhering to the business philosophy of "survival with quality, development with integrity", promoting the spirit of "dedication, integrity, and innovation", providing good products and services, increasing management of product quality, and making product quality more stable. Hebei Xiongxiang Crane Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. not only produces high-end chain hoists, chain hoists, indoor and outdoor lifting machines, 80 grade high-strength lifting chains, micro electric hoists, suspension tackle, double chain oil bucket tongs and other lifting tools, but also provides import, export, domestic trade, and online sales. The main customer groups include wind power, manufacturing, machinery, equipment, ships, bridges Equipment installation, petroleum, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, rescue, aircraft manufacturing, mining, etc. The main product export countries include Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and other countries. The stable quality and reasonable price of our products have won the trust of our customers both domestically and internationally, and we have maintained long-term and stable cooperation with them. Our company has a development history of nearly ten years and has independent product brands such as Judiao, Blue Pigeon, Xiongxiang, Jinghu, and Jinsanta. Our main products include chain electric hoists, micro electric hoists, permanent magnet hoists, claw type jacks, hand cranked shoulder tops, chain hoists, lever hoists, lifting belts, indoor and outdoor cranes, small tanks for handling, and 80 level chain rigging accessories.

In order to adapt to mid to high-end customers, Hebei Xiongxiang Lifting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. continuously improves the product grade, enhances the safety of product use, and extends the service life of the product. In the future development process, Xiongxiang Lifting Company will provide more high-quality products and services for more customers.

Hebei Xiongxiang Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a professional Chinese manufacturer of chain hoists, micro electric hoists, and hand board hoists, is a Grade 80 lifting chain manufacturer. Xiongxiang is a professional manufacturer and service provider of lifting machinery, leading China in technology, resources, and other fields. Its headquarters are located at 777 Gaoliuxiang Road, Shanghai. We have production bases and offices for components and complete machines in Chongqing, Zhejiang, and other places, and our business covers multiple countries and regions around the world.

The foundation of valuing quality, honesty, and prosperity, and pursuing excellence in science and efficiency, Xiongxiang people will take "creating a heavy industry brand and promoting national industry" as their own responsibility, make unremitting efforts, and diligently pursue. At the same time, Xiongxiang Company will also adhere to the high-quality and affordable business policy, adhere to the business principles of valuing contracts and maintaining reputation, and adhere to the corporate spirit of unity and innovation, as well as new and old friends, to work together in economic construction, support each other, and create a brilliant tomorrow!

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